All-in-one wallet to
secure, manage and
exchange your assets.

▸  All your digital assets in one place
▸  Top level security
▸  Absolutely free
▸  All options available: buy, exchange, hodl, sell or receive

XCOEX Crypto Wallet

The XCOEX built-in wallet provides a simple way to secure, manage
and exchange your funds whenever and wherever you want. All you
need to do is to pass registration and deposit your assets!

Buy, Exchange,
Hodl, Sell or Recieve

All options available. There is no need to use third-parties if you want to buy, sell or exchange your assets - all possible options and tools are already built-in.

Top Level

XCOEX works with the world’s best provider of cold wallets and offers two-factor authentication: clients can choose between Google Authenticator or SMS verification.


All inbuilt wallets are free of charge and it will always stay this way. No need to worry about extra payments for managing your assets.
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