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Fees & limits


Market, Limit orders

Crypto deposits/withdrawals

Currency Min. deposit amount Deposit fee Min. withdrawal amount Fixed withdrawal fee* Additional withdrawal fee
USDT 1 USDT 0.00% with no restrictions 15 USDT 0.1%
BTC 0.00003 BTC 0.00% 0.0014 BTC 0.001 BTC 0.1%
BCH 0.003 BCH 0.00% 0.11 BCH 0.00039 BCH 0.1%
ETH 0.001 ETH 0.00% with no restrictions 0.003 ETH 0.1%
LTC 0.0072 LTC 0.00% 0.36 LTC 0.0018 LTC 0.1%
XRP 4 XRP 0.00% 170 XRP 0.371 XRP 0.1%
DAI 1 DAI 0.00% with no restrictions 15 DAI 0,1%
USDC 1 USDC 0.00% with no restrictions 15 USDC 0,1%
TRX TRX can only be obtained by exchanging another cryptocurrency for it. Direct TRX deposits are not currently available

Idle account fee: 10 EUR per month of inactivity. An idle account fee is a monthly charge applied to accounts if there have been no transactions for 12 months. The fee can be charged in equivalent from cryptocurrencies. Once activity resumes, the fee will stop being charged, and the 12 months will be reset.


Credit card restricted countries

Yemen (YE), Vanuatu (VU), United States (US), Uganda (UG), Tunisia (TN), Trinidad and Tobago (TT), Syrian Arab Republic (SY), Sudan (SD), Sri Lanka (LK), Serbia (RS), Pakistan (PK), Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA), Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (KP), Japan (JP), Iraq (IQ), Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR), Guyana (GY), Ghana (GH), Ethiopia (ET), Cuba (CU), China (CN), Botswana (BW), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Bahamas (BS), Afghanistan (AF)