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Create a free account on our website or XCOEX app by using your email only. It will take just a few moments.


We are legally required to verify your identity before you start trading with fiat or withdraw funds from your account. To complete the verification, you will need just 5 minutes and your documents on hands. If you'd like to deposit and trade crypto, no documents will be required in this case.


To start trading, you will first have to use your credit/debit card or bank wire to deposit money in your account. You can also transfer you crypto assets from other wallets and exchanges.


If you want to buy or sell some of your assets and get fiat in return, you can access the terminal on the website or app in one click. You can also exchange one crypto asset to another by choosing a preferable pair and amount of asset you want to exchange.


Fiat money can be withdrawn and sent to your credit/debit card or bank account. To do it, you will need to access terminal on the website or app and press “Withdraw funds”.

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